How to: Purchase Scented Candles Online

Until "smell-a-vision" exists, the unknown when it comes to a scented candle can make any online shopper weary. Especially when searching for an elegant candle with a higher price tag than its drugstore counterpart, you want to be certain that you (or the recipient of your gift) are getting what you pay for! The below tips will help you select the perfect scented candle, even without the use of your nose:

The Best Ingredients
The best indicator of a beautiful-smelling candle is in its ingredients. Look for natural or organic soy wax, for example, and fresh flowers, fruits, herbs and essential oils in the product description. Although some candles may use the scent you desire, vague descriptions (i.e., "Ingredients: Wax, Fragrance") are red flags that they may be filled with chemical ingredients and dyes, which usually lead to overpowering, fake aromas.

High Quality Wicks
Surprisingly enough, the makeup of the wick can be just as important as the candle itself! Any chemical ingredients in the wick can lead to a smoky, quick burn, shortening the life of your candle. Keep an eye out for wicks made of cotton to get the most from your purchase.

Poured By Hand
You're most likely to receive the ideal scented candle if it was crafted with care. Hand poured candles are typically produced in small batches with the best of the best ingredients, so it's always an important aspect to look for. Nothing beats the quality of a handmade scented candle!

Beautiful Containers
How do you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to a scented candle? Be sure to purchase one in a container that you'll love to reuse! Quality candle vessels can be used as planters, vases, or even storage containers on your styled bookshelf, window sill, or tabletop. By choosing a visually pleasing candle, you'll be enjoying your purchase long after the scent burns away.

Approachable Sellers
What exactly is "Verbena" anyway? If you are ever unsure of how a candle will smell, don't hesitate to reach out to the seller to clarify! Shoot us an email at if you have any questions or need assistance with choosing your new favorite fragrance (and, by the way, Verbena is a fresh, lemony aroma that is just begging to fill your kitchen this spring)!

Ready to put your new expertise to work? Click here to view our entire collection of scented candles (and accompanying handmade match strikers). Happy Shopping!

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